Rozemarijn de Man.

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My workplace is organising some cool things for Mother’s day and were after some ‘generation’ images. It’s nice some friends from my collection finally got out of the box :)


Japanese Movie Poster: Judge. Kenjiro Sano / Mr. Design. 2013


Leggings - Cara Carmina.

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I WOULD BUY THEM ALL is only my chubby self fit into them :(

Codie Young in Nasty #4: The Void Issue Winter 2014 by Nhu Xuan Hua

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Red pencil shaving collar by Green Accordion

this has been in my likes for years. gotta get crafting!!

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Cam Germanotta no We Heart It.

So as i’m kind of puppy-obbsessed as of late (I’ve never had a dog, ok?!) Lyn and i watched about two-hours worth of informative dog videos to work out what IF ANY dog we will eventually get. In addition to learning that labradors ave webbed toes we decided on the adorable creature. SUCH LOVE.

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not only does the song work with my non-shifting melancholia, it won’t work it’s way out of my brain. 

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Anonymous asked: The sun will come up tomorrow.


This is honestly the best thing tumblr has brought to my attention.

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